Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am a mad, mad , man

Why Talon why ever would you say such a thing? You ask?

Because I asked some of my favorite author buddies what kinds of questions they wished they would see in an interview, took the responses to my lab… added sugar, spice, the whole bag of naughtiness… had Igore run up the lightning rods to the roof… cranked up the music… did some jiggy dancing in our pink boxer briefs (Igore in pink briefs—scary stuff—but we did it anyways)…. and BWAHAHAHAHA…. Talon’s monster peaCOCKing guest review was born!!!!!

And how did I select my first five
victums? I mean guests? I let those same authors throw each under the bus… Dont blame me I am only the mad man…

TUNE IN at for some super fun (tortures) of some of the best authors in the erotica and gay romance world!!!!

"I'm feeling nnnnaaawwwhhteeee."

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