Monday, June 4, 2012

So a friend of mine that I toured with once found me on face book and discovered I was gay and sent me a message that he was surprised because he didn't know. I exoplained we were a bit busy working, the topic must have slipped my mind. So he resoended bacj that he felt kind weird after all that time why hadnt I made a pass at him. After a stopped laughing that he would feel so dissed that I was atracted to his ass (He was rather vain abou tthat shit) I responded that just because I was gay didnt mean I was interested in tapping every male ass I laid eues now. So he commented "Well your not very gay at all."

I have no idea what that means but I gigured maybe I needed to do something about that. So shere it... I'm doing some 'gay' stuff....

THERE... so how'd I do? Was that 'gay' enough?  Next thing you know I'm gonna get another message from him saying, "Dude I think I might be gay." God help the next tour he lands on.... haha

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