What's this weeks theme? Just a shit load of mancandy... thats what...

Why do I get so turned on when your wet? Because the way your body... your skin the way it feels in my hands... slick and smooth when its wet... your flesh sliding against my palms, like a playground of muscle that lights up my fucking senses... just looking at you... feeling you... knowing what its like to be deep inside your body... a deep inhale, I groan, barely containing the lust surging inside my loins... come up here... come up on my lap and let me feel you... let me taste your tongue... gonna make that hole mine baby...  you want that dont you...

Model: Johnny Hazard

Model: Vin Diesel

Photo by Jeff Palmer

Model: Caco Ricci

Photographer: Jeff Palmer

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screen clip from film From Beginning to End

Photographer: Dan Skinner

Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin

photo: Rick day

OKay I admit it, I have a raging hard on for this man *groan*

Photo: Rick day

Model: jori vera

model: Seth London

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I think you are trying to kill me!! Every single pic (baring the feline) is beautiful, sensual and sexy as hell, ESPECIALLY the ones with water!! I have an obsession with naked men and water. LOVE those!! Thank you Talon for posting such provocative and erotically stunning pictures. <3