Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quantum Mates: What Torin Wants - (MM/scifi/erotica) Available at Amazon

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A new life on the Quantum Transport Research Project is what Raffe Landau is hoping for, what he found was a lover with a rare and similar condition of mutation that makes everyone else untouchable. But there’s a reason the space station has laws that forbid anyone touching either of the TorinLee twins and when they’re attacked Raffe knows he’s to blame. And the only way to protect the young man he’d fallen in love with is to stop touching him.

Torin has ever known human touch. That is until Raffe came along and it’s not just the touch. Raffe makes him feel things he never knew existed. So when Raffe pulls away, not only does he not understand, it’s not allowed.

Raffe’s about to find out that what Torin wants Torin gets.

GENRA: Sci-fi / Erotica / MM
WORD COUNT:  51,313 (approx 123 pages)

Monday, March 12, 2012

when shapeshifters ceases to be sexy...

Okay so we've all enjoyed a shape shifter (or two) in our fantasy library. but when does shapeshifting cease to be sexy?
Well believe it or not boys and girls, there is a limit to this sexy anomaly of nature and yes- that is exsactly what we are going to cover in todays lesson.

It all started with were-wolves. Sexy men that change into wolf at the fullmoon of night and chase after their human mates to claim them in an unbreakable bond of exquisite unending sexual ecstacy and (yes dare I say it 'Happy Ever After' love). Their mystery, prowess and dark folklore allure arrouses us more that any other shapeshifter to take the stage of erotica and fantasy.
So yes wolf shifters are sexy. As are lions, tigers and panthers.  Bears? Not so much, (but thats me personally I cringe at the site of a hairy man - ouuhh hibby jibbies) but bears stay on the list for those of you who cherish fond memories of masturbating to images of a strappy hairy, 7ft tall Paul Bunyon in leathers and old spice or of Grizzy Adams stretched out before the fire on a bear skin rug (or was that a bear on Grizzly Adams?)  when you were just a wee tad pole.
Even the raven, hawk and eagle can maintain some honorable mention in this, but what i dont get. WHat baffles me beyond any comprimise of comprehension is when I read a book that is clearly in the erotica genre and the shapeshifter is a PENGUIN???
Are you serious?!?!?!?

Penguins are not sexy. They do not belong in erotica. Especially after a douible apperance in Pixar children films. I mean come on for the love of god -- DO NOT DILUTE OUR ROMANTIC SMUT!!! Want cute watch a disney movie.

That goes for were-wallabee's, were-koalas, were-bumble bees (so-totaly baffled on that one), were-seals and (the formentioned below) were-Seahorses.  I'm sorry but a blurb about a pregnant seahorse shapeshifting man and a shark shifter man? I dont care how many 5 star reviews it gets-- I not only lost my hard-on I think its damaged.
And I'm not even going to comment on the were-boar...

I'm gonna go read the book about raffe and Torin and hope it offers a cure.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Story Teaser - Free Read

I woke up this morning with this in my head. Oddly I was even dreaming it in a format of a narration but wow... I had to write it out, but what to do with it after? I have enough books in the working so I decided I'll make it a free read--Story Teaser. And viola! Here it is. Enjoy but dont get yourselves too spoiled and think I'll hatch these little eggs all the time, but it may be the start of them.
by de Gerardo

Today was the day. The day the silent had waited and dreaded. The day some said would come and the other half refused to believe.
But it did come and did so today. I woke up so many hours ago mind you, startled from a deep slumber in my lover’s arms. The morning light had just barely tried to peek past the heavy curtains of our bedroom. So I tell you it was not the morning light that woke me but the violent shaking of the bed. As it thrashed shook and skidded across the floor. As did everything else in the room. Our entire surroundings seemed to hum with a loud white noise of chaos. My arms immediately clinging to both bed and David.
“Oh my god! You have earth quakes in London?” I remember stammering as he held tight to me. Pulling my body closer to shelter me. Of course I knew that wasn’t true, yet the earth was moving… and moving… and it continued to move violently for what seemed like an eternity.
That hum grew louder, a cacophony of other terrifying sounds. Crashing, people shouting, some screamed. There was the rumble of an explosion somewhere in the near distance. Another something sounded as if it had fallen from the sky. All sounds swallowed up by the mass hum in my ears. I could only hold on grateful to the soft padding of the mattress. Even as I felt the structure of the build buckle underneath us and my head on no will power of my own slammed face down in the padding   I was grateful.
And the horrific finally came. A sound like a roar of ripping and tearing, a sound so great and loud I could place a thousand words before your eyes and still not come close to describing it. It was as if the world jerked hard to the right doing its Pagani Zonda Roadster impersonation 0-60 in 2.5 seconds then slammed on the breaks. It was that fraction of a second everything in the room slammed against the wall taking David and I with it, thrown from the bed and into the wall.
And then everything was eerily silent. It was done.
That was several hours ago maybe even more. David was pacing across the back courtyard of our flat trying to reach someone    anyone    on his cell phone. Like everyone else in the world was likely trying to do. I just sat on one of the stone garden benches watching the sun cross the sky     in the wrong direction.
He thought I was in shock. Shocked yes, but I knew what had happened. Had always known it would happen yet I had hoped the other half were the ones who were right.
After several hundred more failed attempts he knelt before me. Checking in on me. Like a blanket of joy he was    even now. My eyes filled with the tears I fought not to shed.
“Baby? Are you okay? What is it?” gleaming blue eyes looked up at me. Fear and worry filled them creating lines over his face. His hand touched my cheek looking for the connection that said everything would be okay. This was just a nightmare and we’d both wake up back in our bed. His aroused body prodding the small of my back and of course I always surrender to it, because it was so good.
I would have rather made love to him that moment than tell him the truth. My beautiful man   so sweet and innocent. He was one of the non-believers. And I had long since learned to keep silent of what I believed and knew to be true. I grew up the black sheep of my family, my school, my work   my life. When I met David he was so gentle so protective. Not like a warrior but the rescuer who wraps a warm blanket around you, shielding you from the cold and the darkness. I loved that bliss he offered me I never said a word, not one. Never wanting to be the black sheep to him. It was the perfect respite before truth came and found me.
“Talk to me baby.” He whispered. I couldn’t refuse him. I never could.
“The earth flipped.” my voice cracked with the words I didn’t want to speak in the first place. He blinked. Poor David he thought his precious little girlfriend had flipped, but couldn’t argue with it at the moment. He raised and drew me in. Pressing me to his chest. Surrounding me with his warm hands. And the tears fell. Inside my warm blanket of David, I couldn’t help but peak out to the horrors that surrounded us. Several pillars of black smoke lined the horizon. Buildings damaged, some gone. Even the small building of our flat was leaning dangerously and would likely fall in the aftershocks that strangely didn’t come. I could hear people talking in the street around front. Sirens blared from every direction. But there was no communication systems up and running. Not the phones, not the telley, not even the radio.
It was Armageddon without the war. That was what would come next. But not in the name of god or over race. This time war would be about baser needs and at smaller levels   like gangs   fighting for shelter, water, food and ammunitions.
I thought about my family back in the states. Did they survive? That’s was where I was supposed to be. That was where I knew how to survive. But that wasn’t where I was just now. And my dear sweet David was about to get a dark slap of reality.
“Shhh everything’s going to be fine. You’ll see.” He lied so tenderly to me. I didn’t even bother to squirm away from his lies.
“David?” I barely got his name out. I really was on the edge of sobbing. I hated this moment.
“Yes baby?" I felt his lips press at the top of my head. I could have closed my eyes then and pretend he was right. I wanted to do that, just as I had for the last year, but I couldn’t. He needed to open his eyes. And I mine.

“Which way is west here?”

He almost laughed, but then remember he thought I was in shock and he was my protective blanket. “It’s that way rem   ” he’d twisted to point at what had been west for us last night when we went to bed, but froze pointing in its direction. Awareness that instant of the setting sun shining on his back. He refused to look and I refused to hold my sobbing in any longer.
Talon  p.s.
‘Story Teasers’
Talon’s Fictions of Dark Fantasy and Erotica

Monday, March 5, 2012

I am not a politicly correct author-

I despise spineless people lacking the gonads to say what they mean nor have thick enough skin to handle a truth when its told. Now don't get me wrong I am not suggesting we go about our days spewing hate and bullying others to make ourselves feel righteous. The only good bully is a dead one. I'm all for legalizing a bully bashing season (road rage should be a legalized sport too, but we'll go over that another time). Anyway, to what I was saying... being politicly correct, I mean come on... are you serious?

Ever heard the fairy tale the Princess and the pea? Look it up I aint telling it here.
photo by Eugenio Recuenco

So enough about PC. I just wanted to mention it because this here is my personal blog for me to rant and not have to apologize for it. You see I'm a writer and I write erotica and dark fantasy. I like breaking the rules, I like getting into those dark taboos that most writers dont want to go. (I really hate reading erotica written by an author who is conservatively politicly correct - its painfull to read and I lose my hard on) Back to my writing style... I'm demented and I can paint a pretty dark world for you but as long as theres some good sex going on... hey I'm good too. Now mind you there is far darker stuff that is written than mine. Jack Brighten comes to mind (And yes I'm a fan) but he is an aquired taste. Taking overpowerment and gay BDSM to the extremes.  (I'll get to my point eventually)
One of my favorite movies is From Beginning To End. Its a love story about two brothers - you see where I'm getting at with the rule breaking stuff don't you? Anyways back to my stuff, (my writing not my junk - lets keep this moving shall we?) because I'm a rule breaker I'm also a self published author. It has its good and bad. The good being I dont always have to have a 'happy ever after ending' or a monogamist heroin from the point of first encounter'; I can have more than two main characters; and I can write a longer book (longer is always better - thicker too) unfortunately the ever growing self published writer group is also unindated with aweful stuff, (that being the bad side of it) then again I've read stuff lately from highend publishers and I'm scratching my head asking... are you serious? This shit sucks. Which now brings me to my point. I need a place to rant about what sux ( I sound like George Carlin now) and not have it front and center of my author page or on my amazon page. Because most folks do try to be PC and are overly sensative even if its the truth. So now I got this... its ME - UNCENSORED.
George Carlin

If you bruise easily, grow some or hit the back button. If your an author and I've read your stuff expect the truth. If I end up bashing your stuff I will spare the name calling (including your author name) I figure I'm just here to vent not thwart someone else from taking a gander at your (cough) talent. But you'll know if your guilty of the writer's crime or not and maybe, just maybe you'll falander that out of your next book... or not. It doesnt really matter cuz like I said this is just me ranting freely speaking the truth... my truth, mind you, from my view not yours.

And sometimes books wont be the only thing I write about. But I promise I will always be PC free!