Okay so this is my kind of super fucking sexy and Yes I would be throwing myself at him... going all tribal

My arms have grown.... they just expanded. Of all the boys you could have to landed, why did it have to be me?

You... cant take my eyes off of you.  You... can't take my eyes off of you.

Brandan Yoko

David Gandy

Johnny Hazzard

Marco Da Silva

its time to add some more mancandy in here. I havent picked out much of a theme this time.. just juggling too many things at once to put much thought into it this week and I have so many great photos waiting to go up that I'm just gonna go down the line and load you up. Enjoy.

Oh and dont forget to clean the monitor screen when you're done...

Sliding further… the feel of your body around my cock is more than I could describe. We’ve only begun and already I feel the close need to saturate your walls with euphoric bliss as my seed spills inside you.
I close my eyes, a storm of sensations rolling and tumbling within… heart thumping through my veins… I still myself, feeling… sinking… holding back… to make it last.
The first kiss of pain has finally ebbed and I hear your breath beg me for more with a needy moan. And then there is only the lick of somatic blending as I ride in and out like crashing waves of lust to sweep you away and inundate you hot exquisite pleasure.
Fingers firmly grasp that smooth curvature of your ass, gripping the muscle wrapped in a thousand sensitized nerve endings. Spreading… pushing in… until I’ve bottomed out inside you.
A small gasp grunts from your lungs, hands clawing at my arm wrapped around your chest, locking you to me. “Shhhh… I got you.” I whisper like a caress against the shell of your ear. Then deliver a warm kiss there… your neck… your ear again…

Talon and his Bear

There is something eroticaly dangeroius to even suggest I could have this man hand cuffed to me head board

model: David Gandy  - photo: Mariano Vivanco

Model: Chris Fawcett  -  Photo: Rick day


  1. So this is where you are hiding!These pictures are so you now I know why you call Tom Bear! You like your men furry. And I think the reason women write such short sex scenes is cause we can came as many times as we want unlike guys you all have to stretch it out all you get is one shot! ≥⁰,⁰≤
    Miss you Mary

    1. ANK!!... wrong answer... but thanks for playing...haha Tom is a BEAR and the first time I have ever been involved with a hairy man... thus the constant razzing to shave him... haha. But I love my fuzzy man all the same...

      Yep photos are here now... got tired of Facebook bannishing me for the slightest skin or manlove... and at least here I get to grovle in all the cocks I want... HAHA

      and just give me a minute, I can easily go another round and there's is of course always something to do until POST PLAY

  2. There is never a wrong answer only different opinions!What suck on here is I never no when you put up new pictures. You have to get a thingy where people can subscribe to your blogger so we know when you update! You need to write a M/M book! Alex's want to read your book so next month she is going to book it on Amazon!