Monday, April 23, 2012


I am a major collector of erotic art... while mostly photographic media I also love vintage pieces, so I've started three galleries today. While I'm just getting them started it will be worth coming back to  as I will continue to add to them regularly.

The first is for my largest collection which of course is all male bodies and all the tantalizing parts we love to stare and oggle and lick (among other physical desires) over, especially the cock.

The second is dedicated to the vintage arts, from ancient paintings and potteries all the way to the freedom of nakedness movement during the early 70's. I might even throw in some modern works only because their sketch (or comic/anime) work and not photography. It is also a mix collection of men and women and objects (AND I warn you... them victorians - no scruptles - so yes there are some pocket watch paintings and a few lithographs with penatration - haha)

Remember IT's ME!!! - UNCENSORED!!!

The Third gallery is my selection of favorites! Its that simple.

Soon to come will be a fourth gallery saved just for the beautful female body and the men who love them (a few chicks too - haha) Why you say would a gay man have chicks on his page? Because I LOVE EROTICA and the human body is sexy as hell no matter what. (so fuck off, build your own museum if you dont like mine)


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