Saturday, April 7, 2012

YOU’RE GONNA FEEL ME. (Free Read – Extreme MM erotica)

photo by: Jeff palmer

YOU’RE GONNA FEEL ME. (Free Read – Extreme MM  erotica)
The music set the perfect melody that beckons my cock to seek out my lover. Haunting tones dancing a slow slithering rhythm with a deep, baser thump that set the perfect gyrating pace of my hips into yours as I lay over you. Our skins still radiating from spending the day out in the sun, hot and energized as if the very sun set just under the skin trapping the heat between us. And the need delivers the taste of your skin to my tongue even before the first lick.
Knee to knee   thigh to thigh   hip to hip   our bodies lined up in perfect seamless contact while the blood flows to my cock.
Every swelling twitch in my rod sends out a wave through my body, but none so tantalizing as the first when it steals the very breath from my lungs in a deep exhale. The flaring inhale of my nostrils sucks in the scent uniquely yours. The blend of shower soap   a fresh layer of clean cologne   the smell of a day spent in the sun together still lingers on your skin.
Your inviting hips grind back against me, wanting me inside. Even the musky scent building in our arousal intoxicates me. I can only respond with a husky growl to the back of your head that you’re tempting my control.
But don’t be fooled that I did not over hear your friends gathered around taunting you that your man is too gentlemanly to love your ass like I should. That there is no room for eroticism in a gay relationship. Oh but there is my lover and I’m about to remind you of it. Sure there are a time when I could just slide inside your hole, feeling out every rattling quiver as I force your body to accept me and then ride you out like a grunting pig till we are both breathless and soaked in each other’s spunk. There are times for such mindless uninhibited lust, but not tonight.
Pressing in, with a vandalizingly slow, rocking motion, the broad tip kisses your pink sphincter, nudging it to open up for me. And just when you push back with a hiss I’ll deny you. Because tonight is about making you suffer every slow and teasing approach. Every ravaging thrust I deliver will be to see you to just a breath away from the ultimate journey only to have it dangled just out of grasp until you beg. And still it will not be enough.
Even now as I slide past the first ring of muscle feeling your needy pucker suckle around my girth to draw me in, I will not deliver all that you want until you confess your ass belongs to my cock and mine alone. Because it knows what you need. It knows how to ride out every nuance so your prostate cums for me in mindless ripples and your shaft swells to such a painfully hard red color that just the touch of my rough hand around it will have you firing off like a cannon. My firm hand reaches between us spreading one cheek out with a bruising grip and in one smooth decline I slide all the way in to your deepest nethers. Closing my eyes I feel the swelling of your prostate against my thumping flesh, feel every hungry clinch of your walls and I grind in even further smashing my balls against yours. Fuck. I could give into mindless driving, but you my lover must be taught a lesson. One that I am sure you will be quite sated with once I am done.
Knowing there is no going any deeper into your gut, I release your ass only to draw your hand to mine. Allowing to you to clench and pull on my hips futilely. And so the rhythmic grind begins as I slide in and out of tight silk walls. Oh god damn nothing feels so good and I’m not ashamed to admit such   I love fucking you. I love how you feel wrapping around my dick when I’m slammed as deep as I can be inside your body. I love the slippery sensation of your sweat soaked body against mine as I ride you. The salty taste on my lips and when you twist the way you do to deliver your lips for my chewing delight. Deep and sloppy. I just might give in to you too soon.
Like water crashing over rocks I slide in and out drawing out so slow, just a little more, but not all the way. A hovering moment of time, I can even hear the gritting of your teeth as you bite back the surprising need to moan for my cock. My silent lover I’m about to break you and prove such, slamming every inch all the way in till I’m bottomed out over and over again then delivery the exquisite last grinding push, just that little extra of somatic reach.
A chorus of husky breathes whips around us as we ride back and forth into each other, my hands taking free range of the playground of your body. The taught peck muscles of your chest   the soft skin of your groin and your scrotum drawn up so damn tight I can feel your balls inside there, begging to explode. Soon, my lover, soon. Just let me hear you moan, let me hear your gasping breath as you draw close. For nothing is sexier then listening to you fight for breath and sanity just seconds before you spill.
Deep thrusts in   slow slides out. Crashing every ounce of my lust into you. Your begging starts as curses being moaned back at me intermingled with the hissing of a few yes’s. They’ll do.
I snake my hands around, palming at your chest and sink my teeth into your shoulder. Letting out another deep growl so you know just how close to the edge I’m riding on between continuing to give you the slow gyrating fucking you need and the uncontrolled rutting we both are fond of.
And then you did the naughtiest of things clamping down on me. My whole body arced, my teeth bit deeper as I did my best to pinch off the reward you so attempted to steal. I stilled inside your back nethers. Letting my flesh pulse inside   my chest pound like a drum against your back   my fist clench around your sweltering cock and I lick you from shoulder to ear taking care to run right over the bite mark I just left behind. Every flinch. Every nuance of your body rocks me off my axis. Damn you, it feels too good.
Please. I hear it. And I reward the word with a deep rolling grind reaching even further than before because I’m about one second from saturating your walls with my essence. Soon my scent   my claim will be added to all the other fragrances that uniquely make you.
Your walls tighten around me. Some lover’s claim of your own, undoing me and I couldn’t hold back this time, but then you had begged as I wanted you to. You’d suffered through the long torrid lust, raped with love that I wanted you to experience. I wanted you burnished with the knowing that we were much more than anyone else could dare offer you. That the eroticism I endear so strongly to did not make either of us any less of a man. And I let go with a loud cry to the back of your head as did you. Our bodies locked in rigid quakes that rattled the earth. Or at least our small corner of it and that was all we needed.
Sacked over the pile of tossed bed linens as we catch our breaths, riding the drifting wave that promises deep slumber, tell me lover before it’s too late. Tell me what it is I want to hear, did you feel me?
Talon p.s.

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