Monday, March 5, 2012

I am not a politicly correct author-

I despise spineless people lacking the gonads to say what they mean nor have thick enough skin to handle a truth when its told. Now don't get me wrong I am not suggesting we go about our days spewing hate and bullying others to make ourselves feel righteous. The only good bully is a dead one. I'm all for legalizing a bully bashing season (road rage should be a legalized sport too, but we'll go over that another time). Anyway, to what I was saying... being politicly correct, I mean come on... are you serious?

Ever heard the fairy tale the Princess and the pea? Look it up I aint telling it here.
photo by Eugenio Recuenco

So enough about PC. I just wanted to mention it because this here is my personal blog for me to rant and not have to apologize for it. You see I'm a writer and I write erotica and dark fantasy. I like breaking the rules, I like getting into those dark taboos that most writers dont want to go. (I really hate reading erotica written by an author who is conservatively politicly correct - its painfull to read and I lose my hard on) Back to my writing style... I'm demented and I can paint a pretty dark world for you but as long as theres some good sex going on... hey I'm good too. Now mind you there is far darker stuff that is written than mine. Jack Brighten comes to mind (And yes I'm a fan) but he is an aquired taste. Taking overpowerment and gay BDSM to the extremes.  (I'll get to my point eventually)
One of my favorite movies is From Beginning To End. Its a love story about two brothers - you see where I'm getting at with the rule breaking stuff don't you? Anyways back to my stuff, (my writing not my junk - lets keep this moving shall we?) because I'm a rule breaker I'm also a self published author. It has its good and bad. The good being I dont always have to have a 'happy ever after ending' or a monogamist heroin from the point of first encounter'; I can have more than two main characters; and I can write a longer book (longer is always better - thicker too) unfortunately the ever growing self published writer group is also unindated with aweful stuff, (that being the bad side of it) then again I've read stuff lately from highend publishers and I'm scratching my head asking... are you serious? This shit sucks. Which now brings me to my point. I need a place to rant about what sux ( I sound like George Carlin now) and not have it front and center of my author page or on my amazon page. Because most folks do try to be PC and are overly sensative even if its the truth. So now I got this... its ME - UNCENSORED.
George Carlin

If you bruise easily, grow some or hit the back button. If your an author and I've read your stuff expect the truth. If I end up bashing your stuff I will spare the name calling (including your author name) I figure I'm just here to vent not thwart someone else from taking a gander at your (cough) talent. But you'll know if your guilty of the writer's crime or not and maybe, just maybe you'll falander that out of your next book... or not. It doesnt really matter cuz like I said this is just me ranting freely speaking the truth... my truth, mind you, from my view not yours.

And sometimes books wont be the only thing I write about. But I promise I will always be PC free!

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